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Greetings! I created this profile so that you could get to know me.

I’m Jennifer LeClaire. You might know me as contributing writer to Charisma magazine, or as the author of books like “The Heart of the Prophetic” and “Fervent Faith.” (This is my personal blog. My ministry web site is

If you are anything like me you have experienced some major challenges in your life.

Looking back, I am very thankful for the challenges I have overcome. I learned a great deal from them and they have ultimately made me a better person. I’m getting ahead of myself though!

You might be surprised to learn that I didn’t grow up in the church. I was born in Winter Garden, just outside of Orlando, Florida. As a youth, I visited Catholic churches with my neighbors on Easter and Christmas. I remember visiting a Presbyterian church on a military base once. I always believed in Jesus, but I didn’t come to the Lord until I was 30 years old. I’ve been sold out to God ever since.

The Challenge: Facing the Trials of Life Alone

Growing up was a long and sometimes painful road. As a teenager, I got involved in drugs and alcohol. I watched some of my friends go off the deep end in my early 20s, but managed not to follow down that road. Instead, I went to journalism school in Orlando and ended up getting married to a Mormon missionary.

One day, when my daughter was two years old, he got on a plane, went to Central America and never came back.

I was angry with God and remember screaming out, “Why did you let this happen?” I prayed a lot during those times and I am sure that God, in His mercy, did help me. But things in my life got worse before they got better.

I ended up landing in jail for a crime I didn’t commit. I spent 40 days there before I was released. I also lost every penny I had defending myself in court. And my business went belly-up in the dot-com bubble.

The Solution: Walking by Faith

Thank God, a well-known evangelistic group was touring with sports stars and actors who were giving their testimonies of Jesus. I gave my heart to the Lord and was prepared for whatever I might face.

It’s interesting…The first time I was exposed to a true prophet was in jail. I was in the Christian ward and a prophet came once a month and prophesied over people. The prophetic words he spoke came true. I was amazed.

Today, life is very good. I attend an on-fire church focused on winning souls and making disciples. I serve as a director of a re-entry program in the Miami-Dade County jail system. And I’ve written several books along the way.

In November 2007, I published my first book, The Heart of the Prophetic. Ernest Gentile, Graham Cooke, and R. Loren Sanford all offered their endorsements for the manuscript, which was both exciting and humbling. I’ve since written several additional books and plan to write many more as the Lord leads.

My passion is to see people equipped with the weapons to fulfill their purpose in Christ. Though I have a teaching ministry, I have learned that I can equip far more people through writing because books and magazines go around the world far quicker than I ever could.

When I write my books, it’s usually in response to personal challenges I’ve faced or issues the Lord wants me to address as a prophetic voice. My books are based on revelations God gave me concerning problems like wrestling with doubt, building spiritual maturity, doing spiritual warfare with the spirit of Jezebel and witchcraft, or learning how to get to the next level in my prophetic calling.

My prayer is that some of the struggles that I have faced and overcome can help you. I’m thankful for those that have reached out to help me and now I want to be able to give back. Whether you looking for the truth about how to operate in prophetic ministry, how to find the determination within yourself to pursue your dreams and destiny, or just need some encouragement along the way, I want to help you like others have helped me.

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