On my Facebook page, I recently asked the question, “What makes a false prophet a false prophet?” As you might imagine, I got quite a few responses about false prophetic ministry.

One person said: You’ll know them by their fruits. I have personally only met ONE false prophet in my 30+ years in ministry. MOST of what is called false is merely misunderstood. And Jezebel, contrary to popular belief, has not been re-incarnated and multiplied by a bazillion. The worst kind of falseness, is that which seeks to criticize and not build up the body of Christ. True prophets are so busy living a servant’s life, they don’t have time to speculate and gossip. just my humble opinion.

Another person said: Perhaps a false prophet is one that searches for truth in the arena of the false. What are false arenas? Anything other than the spirit of God including religion, the unrenewed soul, society, the occult, and the demonic. Perhaps some knowingly search those arenas while others lack wisdom or discerning and yet others are conditioned to exchange a lie for the truth. The end result is the same. Confusion, deception, and perpetuation of the kingdom of darkness.

What’s your take? What makes a false prophet a false prophet? I discuss some of those issues in my book, “A Prophet’s Heart.” You might also want to check that out.

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